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As an industry leader in the fabrication of quality metal roofing products, Triad Corrugated Metal, Inc. has built a reputation on excellent service, quality products and dependability. TCM is the company you can count on to meet your metal roofing needs for Commercial, Residential and Agricultural projects.

Metal roofing systems from TCM are both energy conscious and environmentally conscious. Many of our roofing systems are Energy Star® Certified and meet the requirements of the Cool Roof Rating Council. An Energy Star® Certified roof from TCM could qualify you for substantial tax credits, visit for the latest information. In addition to the energy conscious attributes, TCM metals roofs are 100% recyclable, reducing the amount of waste products created. A percentage of TCM’s raw materials also come from recycled steel.

TCM metal roofing systems are durable and can withstand many of nature’s toughest elements. TCM metal roofing systems meet some of the country’s toughest building codes. Not only do our metal roofing systems meet tough building codes but depending on where you live, metal roofing can lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. Metal roofs carry a Class A fire rating (most resistant) as established by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Contact your insurance agent about possible discounts.

In addition to the benefits listed above, metal roofing is a cost effective roofing choice in comparison to other roofing systems. If you compare metal roofing to asphalt shingles in cost alone, you will see that metal roofing is a better roof for the money. In addition to the cost, asphalt shingles have an average life cycle of 17 years; negative issues associated with disposal and heat absorption; and are a petroleum based product, meaning prices change due to the prices of crude oil. As detailed above, TCM offers solutions to each of these problems in a series of comprehensive metal roofing products.

Features such as the life span, energy savings and durability against wind, fire, hail and ice, not to mention the environmental advantages make metal roofing an easy choice for your roofing needs. TCM’s ability to provide metal roofing to match any needs and commitment to superior customer service make TCM your choice for the metal roofing needs of any project. Add beauty, durability and sustainability to any roofing application with a metal roofing system from Triad Corrugated Metal.


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A metal roofing system is virtually maintenance free over the life of the roof. Interested in learning more about metal roofs? Click here

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