The Haitian Housing Plan

Haiti Housing Plan Building 1

Haiti Housing Plan Building 2

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Triad Corrugated Metal and Peace Builders have developed a permanent solution to the housing crisis in Haiti. There are a reported 1.1 million homeless Haitians who need permanent shelter.

Charles Willard with Peace Builders just returned from Haiti, saying

"The need for housing in Haiti is immense. People are living under plastic sheets and tarps with Hurricane season coming. The situation will go from very, very bad to worse really soon.

We have developed an affordable solution for permanent housing to address this problem. Our plan can be executed quickly.”

While in Haiti, Willard personally witnessed a food riot and violence against Haitian women.

"A national network news team’s security detail was distributing food to women and children who were from a tent camp located next to the hotel. Men from the camp started coming up to take the food from the women. Needless to say, the women fought back.

Witnessing a riot and the desperation caused by hunger was a life changing experience.” Willard says.

Our Haitian Housing units are designed to allow the women of Haiti to lock themselves and their children into the units for their own protection in the case of outside physical or sexual violence.

There are massive logistical problems in Haiti. Traffic jams, material theft, and bad roads are very serious issues."

TCM and Peace Builders have solved these problems by designing the Haitian Housing units so that 32 units, enough housing for 192 Haitians can be shipped quickly and affordably in sea/land containers to Haiti, and transported to the jobsites where the materials can be secured until the Housing units are constructed.

Our Haitian Housing Plan can be executed quickly. Two display Haitian Housing units are being shipped to Haiti the week of March 22, 2010. One Haitian Housing unit will be erected in the United Nations compound next to the Port-au-Prince Airport where it can be viewed by charitable organizations wishing to provide Haitian housing. The second demonstration unit is going to the Love a Child compound. LAC is anticipating building 900 permanent homes.

The Haitian Housing Units are designed to be severe weather and earthquake resistant. The steel sheeting causes the masonry exterior to fall away from the inside occupants during an earthquake. The Haitian Units are versatile. They can be reconfigured to be used as churches, schools, sanitation facilities, stores, garages, or any other number of uses.

Garrett Smith, owner of Triad Corrugated Metal sees providing disaster housing as a long term project.

"The need for housing in Haiti is massive and we have the solution. There have been earthquakes in Chile and Turkey since the Haitian earthquake. Our housing units can be easily shipped and erected anywhere in the World."

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